The Challenge of Ice Cold Killa to Kill Jizzy


Do you know that you have to kill Jizzy in Ice Cold Killa? He gives you some of the missions from his private club name Pleasure Club. You can start to play this challenge from a garage named as Doherty in the area of San Fierro. This mission of San Andreas is given by Carl johnson to himself. Thus, no question of a boss or what so ever.
To be eligible for Ice Cold Killa, you have to pass a task named Snail Trail. After Snail Trail, start this and you can play it. First you will see a cut scne where you meet Cesar Vialpando who is going to be your brother-in-law. Carl is looking for some weapons and he is in a hurry. Ceasr asks him whether he can also accompany him to the challenge. Carl denies and wants to go alone. Cesar gives him some good silent weapons which he has collected  from a shop from where he buys his pants.

After the cut scene, you have to reach the Domes Club owned by Jizzy where he is to be killed. Rider a  vehicle to reach there. Its location is shown on your San Andreas map. There at the entrance you are not allowed to enter and you are stopped by the guards who say that it is a private function. So, you have to now find a way to get inside. There is a way to get inside via the roof as it has a sky line. Get in from there. You can reach the roof using a jet pack.
Once you are in, get near to Jizzy who is along with other people enjoying drugs. The moment you are near to him, a scene starts where Jizzy and Carl have a chat and Carl shows his gun at Jizzy who is frightened. In between, he outfoxes Carl and escapes alerting his body guards. 4-5 guards are after you. Kill them all using a gun or rocket launcher at once.

And get outside where the traget is preparing to escape on a car. Grab a bike and chase him. While on bike, shoot at his car so that it blasts and Jizzy dies and thus you can get his cell phone! This will also end the Ice Killa mission. When you kill him then you get a 2-star wanted level and the local policemen are after you. If you don’t get away then you will fail the mission. Get away with it and you unlock the next mission anmed Pier 69.