Snail Trail Challenge: One of the easiest Mission by Officer Frank Tenpenny


Snail Trail is one of the easiest mission in the game of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.  It is give by the CRASH team. I hope you remember it. The team which comprises of Frank Tenpenny, Officer Pulaski and Jimmy Hernandez. These three corrupt officers form the team. They give you to play Snail Trail and in this they want you (Carl Johnson) to kill a reporter and his informer.
This is given in the area of San Fierro of GTA San Andreas. This is the same location in the San Andreas game where Carl Johnson is abandoned after his brief stint in Los Santos. He is a gangster. Now, coming back to San Andreas. Snail Trail is unlocked after completing Outrider mission where you have to do some complex task.
For starting Snail trail, walk into the red marker at your Doherty garage to trigger a cut scene. In this scene, you are greeted by your partner Jethro and he informs you about some cops who have come to meet you. Those cops are none other than Pulaski and Tenpenny. They make fun of you and then finally they inform you about the murder which you have to commit. Pulaski is not happy with a reporter and his informer. They are exposing the corrupt police team and hence they want you to take down both of these two.

After the cut scene, visit a nearby construction site and collect a rifle weapon which has been hidden by Tenpenny for this Snail trail challenge of GTA San Andreas.

Now, get a bike and proceed to the nearby train station. Your target is a reporter who will board the train. On your bike, chase the train whose location is shown on the GTA San Andreas game map. After a long chase, train stops at the market station. Here, your target will get down and proceed to meet another target who is an informer. Care to see that the reporter does not sees you or else you will fail Snail Trail of San Andreas.

Follow him on your bike. He gets out of the station and hires a cab. Keep on following him. Finally, he meets the informer to gatehr some news about the corruption going on in the area. Now, take out your sniper rifle and kill both to end the Snail trail mission of GTA San Andreas.

You get no money for this challenge. You get only a gain in respect. Following this, you have also unlocked next challenge called as Ice Cold Killa. Carl Johnson has also earned some more respect points.